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Author£ºZhou Zhenhe
Date of publication£ºJanuary 2017

This collection is the first general history of the evolution of China¡¯s administrative divisions. The authors research the history of the evolution of Chinese administration divisions from pre-Qin to the year 1949. This research is not only the traditional textual criticism about the evolution of diachronic geopolitics, but also a rehabilitation of the coexisting features of geopolitics in the same time. All the volumes are written by eminent professors of History Department of Fudan University. There are totally 13 volumes, including general Introduction, pre-Qin volume, the Qin and Han Dynasty volume, Three Kingdoms, Jins and Southern Dynasties volume, 16 Kingdoms and Northern Dynasties volume, Sui Dynasty volume, Tang and Five Dynasties volume, Song and Xixia volume, Liao and Jin volume, Yuan Dynasty volume, Ming Dynasty volume, Qing Dynasty volume, and Republic of China (1912-1949) volume.

About the Author£º
Zhou Zhenhe, Professor and PhD Supervisor of Center for Historical Geographical Studies of Fudan University, Member of The Geographical Society of China


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